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Due to the success of the Melway we were able to bring you SYDWAY.
The First Edition of Sydway Street Directory was published in 1994 after having taken ten years to compile. Before the second edition was released it was already the street directory of choice for Sydney Taxi Companies. Like it’s older sibling, the Melway, Sydway was quickly becoming a household name.

The name Melway was originated by the publishers from the “Mel” of Melbourne and “Way” from find your way in Melbourne. It was only appropriate that the Melway Street Directory for Sydney should also have a name that identified it as truly a directory to find your way around Sydney. And so the SYDWAY was born.

Like the Melway, Sydway is the most advanced, accurate, up to date and comprehensive street directory produced anywhere in the world and its success is due to the dedication and innovation of the Melway organisation.

The Sydway maps not only show in colour the total Sydney road network but also include a wealth of additional information such as schools, shops, churches, police stations, traffic lights, public telephones and hospitals just to name a few.
Sydway Grid references are now widely used by companies and organisations to assist clients and customers locating their premises.

Each new edition of Sydway is completely updated and revised and additional pages of maps and information are included. Sydway is wholly owned, produced and manufactured in Australia.

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