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Trusted since 1996
Most comprehensive Street Directory ever produced
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Why people still buy and trust Melway:

  • Accurate and comprehensive
  • More detailed than online digital mapping
  • Up-to-date information about new and proposed areas

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Who we are:

Australian owned since 1966. Created by Merv Godfrey who was the originating designer and cartographer of the Melway Street Directory. He trained as a survey draughtsman with the Victorian Lands Department.

At Melway, we aim to provide you with more than just a road map. The Melway mapping style is clearer and more accurate than conventional street maps. Melway products are the perfect companion to GPS units, giving the user a complete feel for the surrounding area. Our products include the world class Melway, Sydway and Brisway Street Directories plus a host of off-the-shelf urban wall maps, local area maps and digital products.

Over 13 Million
copies sold

Australian owned
since 1966

Our love for streets has
grown bigger each day